Batu Seremban

Batu seremban or five stones is a game originally played by girls. This is an easier game to play compare to congkak because it only needs five stones or five round objects to play with. 

Use to be stones, players now use small pillows as a replacment

Another example of batu seremban...colourful and adorable

You can either play with five, seven or nine objects determining to what type of game you are playing.

The objective of the game is to throw one of the stones one at a time and sweeping another on the floor simultaneously catching the one you threw earlier on. This game continues to advance stages where the game gets complicated. This game is enjoyed by all sex nowadays no matter whether you’re old or young you can still play this game and have fun.

No matter age or gender, all can enjoy playing batu seremban.

How To Play Batu Seremban